"FindNodeInServer:setup canceled or time out!" error

Hi there,

I received my deluxe plus box today, and am looking forward to using it with IOS, but I am unable to use either Wio Link unit due to a “FindNodeInServer:setup canceled or time out!” error during setup. I have repeated all steps many times with same result.


Run Wio Link IOS app (on iPhone 6+)
Press + then Ready
Connect To Wio Link via WiFi - Success
Also received the “Connected to Wio Link” notification.
Return to the Wio Link IOS app and Join Network dialog.
“Connecting WIFI…” Network with SSID Password - Success
“Connecting Server…” - gives “Failed” “FindNodeInServer:setup canceled or time out!” error

Is this because international server is not operational, not visible, or am I missing something else? Is there a way to test whether the international server is up/visible from here?

Thanks, Dave

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your feedback.

We can not detect WiFi error in App directly. So can you check how is the LED status in Wio Link board?

Reference: github.com/Seeed-Studio/Wio_Lin … tatus-leds

BTW, Maybe you can try the wio-cli, here is the detail: viewtopic.php?f=72&t=6886&start=10#p24752

The blue LED is blinking twice quickly, then waits 1 second, so it is apparently “requesting IP address from router”.

I cannot see any details on how to configure a router to accommodate the IP request. It this problem because of the security type of the connection?


Which encryption your router using? By now, Wio Link support WPA/WPA2.

I am recommend the wio-cli, it just help you connecting the WiFi router, and you still can setup Grove visually.


Same problem here. I’ve tried several times to connect to my WioLink with the same issue. Process stalled everytime with blue light blinking 2 times fast and 1 sec pause.

I checked my router and there is nothing wrong with it (SAGEMCOM fast 5330b).

Can you help me ?


Definitely a bug in IOS app. I had no problem using an android device in the same network.

So, now you can using Wio Link with Android devices?

This is really a big problem.