Failed to connect Seeeduino LoRaWAN board to Windows 10 PC


My Seeeduino LoRaWAN board is not detected by my Windows 10 PC. I have read the Seeeduino_LoRAWAN wiki page, searched this forum, and tried the following:

  1. I downloaded the driver via the link on the wiki page but couldn’t install it. A window popped up with a message “嘗試將驅動程式新增至存放區時發生問題”

  2. I did not see the board in the Windows device manager, neither did it show up in COM port.

  3. I double tapped the reset button on the board and then the “L” led next to “PWD” led started blinking, but nothing else happened.

    This is a brand new Seeeduino board I’ve just purchased. The version printed on the back of the PCB says “v1.0 by Seeed Studio 2016/10/08”

    I’d appreciate for any guidance in setting up this board, thanks!


Issue solved. I happened to use the charge-only micro USB cable… switched to data cable and it works :slight_smile: