esp32S3 sense wifi camera example stops working

Hi, I wanted to start developing with the esp32S3 sense board, but I encountered a problem when trying the example program CameraWebServer. At first when I uploaded the example to my board it was working fine, but after replugging the board it no longer connects to wifi, even after reuploading the program.

are you using arduino ide?

Please use the serial port to print to troubleshoot the error step by step, it may be that the camera cable is loose and the initialization fails, or it may be because the wifi host refuses to access, please use the serial port to see what the problem is, I hope it can help you

yes, I am using arduino IDE

This is the output

Build:Mar 27 2021


Saved PC:0x42083832


mode:DIO, clock div:1




entry 0x403c98d0

these dots keep going, on the only successful launch they stopped after a short while

Check this out

Im not an expert, but i am starting to think that the ESP kinda acts as a dual core processor and the radio work is handled by one core and the program is executed by the other core… i am starting to think that playing around with it it will make something happen that disconnects the radio core or otherwise makes it not run… i am not smart enought to take this any further

Hi there,
Do you have a WPS button on the Wifi AP ?
If so, You can load up the WIFI WPS example code, Press the button and watch the serial monitor for you S3 to connect. If it does then you have something in the code that’s wrong.
Also it’s not unusual to have to press the reset button on the Xiao after unplugging the USB cable, Sometimes Twice?
GL :slight_smile: PJ