Eagleye 530s : Unable to update firmware by using microSD


I try to update firmware.

But it doesn’t work(There are no messages in putty window) when I change pin 4 to on and insert micro SD card on Eagleye 530s.

Normal booting operate well. :shock:

Is my eagleye 530s borad bad?

How to get repair it?

Is any other method for updating firmware or formatting?

Thank you!

Hi there,

Do you follow below instructions? thanks.

Firmware Update

Step 1. Download the firmware, the files for the “ARTIK 530s 1G”.

Step 2. Use Etcher tool to burn the firmware to SD card.

Step 3. Plug the SD card to Eagleye 530s SD slot.

Step 4. Change boot switch(named as number 21 on hardware overview) Pin4 to on.

Step 5. Connect the USB cable from PC to USB UART(named as number 8 on hardware overview).

Step 6. Press the Power button for more than 1 second and we will see the Green/Red/Blue LEDs(refer to Number 10/11/12 on hardware overview) are turned on.

Step 7. We will see below message and the firmware is downloaded successfuly.

Step 8. Please shutdown the board, remove SD card and switch boot switch Pin4 back to off.

I need to update firmware of “ARTIK 530s 1G”.

The above link of firmware seemed to be broken for it’s not supported now.

Currently, Let me know where and how to download the firmware, the files for the “ARTIK 530s 1G" in another way.

Thanks in advance.