DSO203 GCC APP - Community Edition (2.51+SmTech1.8+Fixes)

I have the latest FPGA - don’t remember the URL. However, to make it easy for you, this is what is loaded on my quad.

I see that most use SYS 1.50-1.6. My quad came with SYS 1.51.

Are there any known advantages for either version?

The DSO GCC APP is made to work with Marco’s SYS 1.50-1.6.

Other versions will mostly work but have issues, like wrong generator outputs.

Can you tell me please where can I find it?



Hi Dan13,

you find Marcos Software here:

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://sites.google.com/site/marcosinat … ronica/dso”>http://sites.google.com/site/marcosinatti/elettronica/dso</LINK_TEXT>

V1.6, V1.7 and V1.8 are at the bottom of the page (but the link to V1.6 does not seem to work anymore - but that is his site anyway)

so just klick here:

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.seeedstudio.com/forum/downlo … php?id=851”>http://www.seeedstudio.com/forum/download/file.php?id=851</LINK_TEXT>

just marco’s sys…

Thanks guys!

Just got my Quad the other day.

I’ve been testing it and compiling the source in prep for a project I have to finish soon.

Found the following what appears to be a bug with the code:

Triggering with Timebase at 0.5uS and rising edge never causes a trigger event.

Changing to negative edge triggered however works ok.

I have downloaded and installed the following:

1.50 SmTech 1.6

The latest source and also double checked that the Hex file does the same thing: (2.52+SmTech1.8+PMOS69 fixes)

Latest FPGA firmware

Feeling pretty ripped off however as the site I bought it off is still advertising:

4MHz is not 72MHz by any stretch of the imagination.

Glad others are however working on making it a usable product assuming the bandwidth limitation is not a problem.

Hello :slight_smile:

I want to update my DSO203 but really i am not sure what to do.

I have read the posts of this thread.

What i have understood (please explain if i am wrong) :

In order to have an APP compatible with a SYS i have to install :

Marco’s SYS 1.50-1.6

DSO203 GCC v1.21 APP

Concerning how to install the DSO203 GC 1.21 APP there are instructions so i will follow them.

But what am i supposed to do with the files :







Hello RemiD

I may not be the best person to answer your question, but, I’ll tell what I know

The files you mention are needed to upgrade the DSO203

SYS is the backbone of the DSO203.

APP communicates with SYS and gives the DSO its personality. So, different APPs you can find have different UIs.

CFG_FPGA.ADR and xxxFPGA.Bin are to be loaded in sequence (without powering off the dso) to the DSO203 as explained elsewhere on this site.

If you still have doubts remaining, ask here.

Easter greetings

Hi Jerson :slight_smile:

Can you please tell me where i can find the step by step procedure on how to load the SYS files to the DSO203 ?


Sure RemiD

Start with this link


And you will also find these helpful

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/DSO_Qua … mmunity%29”>http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/DSO_Quad_Manual_(by_the_community)</LINK_TEXT>

// various source files if you choose to tinker with the code


Hope this helps


You can also look here: <LINK_TEXT text=“http://hifiduino.wordpress.com/2011/04/ … art-guide/”>http://hifiduino.wordpress.com/2011/04/30/dso-quad-quick-start-guide/</LINK_TEXT>

Thanks for the links, but i see the explanations are for the DSO Quad and i have a DS203.

Can i use the same SYS and APP on the DS203 ?

Sorry for all these questions but i don’t want to rush and break the device ! I hope you understand.


if (DSO Quad == DS203) Links_ok.

else Whats_a_quad?

Seriously, the two are the same thing.

Thanks for these precisions.

The device seems to work correctly with the updates. :slight_smile:

some bug report or something

have difference with detect high frequency more than 5 Mhz - FIRST pictures

inaccuracy 8%-10%

and half difference with detect dso generete signal by yourself low frequencies - LAST picture

Thank you for your work! spectro analizer very help

Hi, I have just loaded this app on my Quad to resolve some shortcomings in the 2.53 app (no x10 probe support and I could never get the FFT to work properly) so very pleased with this version, thanks for all your efforts and hard work.

I have one question, when using the FFT the readouts in red flicker, especially bad on the predominant frequency reading and the Div reading at the upper left corner. Is this correct or have I missed something?

I have installed Sys 1.50 SmTech 1.6 GCC 1.21 App (2.51 + SmTech 1.8 + PMSO69 fixes) I am not sure which FPGA is installed (how can I tell?) and can this affect the flicker problem?

Please excuse if any of these questions are silly but this is the way to learn. Thanks for any help or advice.

Hi again, I have just noticed another weird thing, if you are using the quad while connected to my laptop by the usb lead all the voltage readings are way way out (2.6v p-p reads +0.578k !!) and can only be corrected by disconnecting the usb lead and rebooting. Any ideas?

Too many bugs and too little time.

I haven’t been able to touch the code since the last build, sorry.

Dive into the code guys. It won’t bite you :wink: