Displaying images on XIAO Round Display with SAMD21 + MicroSD

I just got myself the SAMD21 with the Round Display. I do not see much guides on how to display a bitmap image onto the Round Display using the SAMD21. However, I have seen a couple that loads the image into the sd card and then read it and output it as a bitmap to the display.

What kind of steps or library should I be looking at for such?

Thank you.

I have tried and managed to output a bitmap but only for 1 image, when I do for 2 with arrays, it overflows since the memory is not enough. Is there a way I can store images in the SD card and then do a touch screen (horizontal swipe) to show the various images that I have stored ?

the SAMD is not a strong enough processor for driving the display
you need an EXP32XXX

Would the ESP32S3 (Sense) board with the camera be sufficient then?

yes, just be awair that there are two sd cards one on the sence and one on the round
you cant use both at the same time

Hi there,
I have a Demo of it using the S variant loading Gif’s from SD and displaying them on the Round display.
Works great !:smiley::+1:
GL :smiley: PJ

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Is there a link that you can share for this project?

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