Best solution for speakers (Audio out) on a PiZero with ReSpeaker4

Hi everyone, my first post here. I’m right now in the process of building a voice assistant with PiZeros and would prefer to use the ReSpeaker4 over the ReSpeaker2. The only advantage I see in using the ReSpeaker2 is the available audio jacks and JST headers to connect small speakers directly to the ReSpeaker hat. While I would love to see Seed updating the ReSpeaker4, I wonder what is the best solution to connect small speakers to a PiZero/ReSpeaker4 combo? (I’m thinking of such a speaker: Arduino-Speaker-3-Watt-8-Ohm-2Pcs)

Hi @trojan77,

Since the ReSpeaker4 is designed for the pi3 it doesn’t have inbuilt audio with the ReSpeaker4 Board but you can use the Raspberry Pi Zero I2C interface for the audio out or you can use a Bluetooth Speaker.