BenF 3.x FW on new LCD driver devices [flick. screen solved]

rimidalv007, thanks so much for the amazing work! :smiley:

3.64 is leaps and bounds better than what we’ve ever had before. It looks like everything is working great. The only bug I’ve found so far is that the unit will freeze if I attempt to adjust the grid intensity (OT >> Grid Int.), but that’s probably the lowest priority bug that could ever exist. :wink: The triggering, auto-fit, buffer priority, sample speed, and zooming/scrolling on captured waveforms, and all the other features are working beautifully!

Do you have 3.64 Bfen APP and LIB 3.53 source code?Can share?My NANO V3 is 2 m Flash, ILI9341 version. The version 3.11 of Bfen can run on it, although there are some small problems.
ILI9341_Flash_2M.rar (35.9 KB)

Sorry. I don’t have source for 3.64 Bfen APP and LIB 3.53.

rimidalv007, thank you so much!

I found that i could not save image(screen capture) file and sampling buffer export file to SD card. Only configuration file can be saved. Unit will freeze if i try save image file.

After some stress-testing I found patched 3.64 almost fully functional!
As ricoreyes mentioned, grid intensity can’t be changed, which really doesn’t matter. Also I confirm what santus1983 noticed, buffer can’t be written to SD card. Actually I never managed to write SD with any firmware so it could be a problem with my card. Maybe it doesn’t support SPI or something like that. Anyway directory is created together with .xml file so I believe it’s memory card compatibility issue. There were a lot of this with DSO nano. I’m happy that at least I can write config, it’s useful to setup few profiles as peak hunting, TTL etc.

Finally we have working firmware :mrgreen:

Thank you again rimidalv007!

Just want to throw in a big thankyou!

Thanks for binary patching in the new display driver, it works fine except for the saving of screen dumps etc as described. And the BenF software makes such a difference to the functionality of the scope, further the manual is good (can’t say the original one is very usful).

The process starts alright ie the software is creating the correct file but it breaks when the screen shall be saved to this file. This is not to wonder as the screendump is no longer the one that FredF wrote the export routines for, the display hardware and therefore driver is different. So the SD card routines are most likely OK, what needs to be changed/patched is the screendump stuff reflecting the new driver, then the closing of the file should be successful as well, now the whole thing stops by derailing the processor at the write process.

BR Ferpe

After testing patched firmware by (I hope) many users we detect two bugs:

  1. Bug in export to SD card (yesterday I bought SD card and I can confirm something is wrong)
  2. Bug in setting of grid intensity option (I already knew for it)

After 7 Jan. I will try to fix these bugs and I hope that we will have fully functional firmware without any problem.

Thanks to all for feedback about my work.

Best regards

pelase, I want source code
thank you

Amazing and Thank You!!!

I fixed bugs detected in my first version of patch.

Detected and fixed bugs:

  1. Bug in export to SD card - fixed
  2. Bug in setting of grid intensity option - fixed

Patched firmware is in attachment.

Enjoy! (54.1 KB)

Thank you again. Everything is working perfectly.

Just installed this latest fix and it will lock up if I simply move down the list of menus on the right to the bottom and then try and go back up. Anyone else???

Can you share the source code?

Dear rimidalv007,

I registered in this forum for the purpose of expressing my appreciation of your great work.


rimidalv007 - I too signed up to say thanks for your efforts on the DSO201 software.
I received my nano today and immediately flashed it, all working - thanks again

Same here, I also want to express my thanks to the help of people here - in particular rimidalv007 and of course BenF (hope that he will again show up one day). :smiley:

  • And a little question: there is something with a change of install procedure between, I think, the last version of BenF and the latest DSO nano’s. I suppose (hope) that after installing the patched BenF, it is still possible to install other versions in the same way. Likely some of you installed the not-yet-perfect patch and next the improved patch; it works without problems? Just checking, before trying it! :sunglasses:

[Edit]: I now installed it (first by mistake the bugged version and then the patched version!) - and it works great! :slight_smile:

rimidalv007, you are a Star!!!

I just installed it and now have a perfectly working BenF 3.64, have already taken out my first screenshots.

Big thanks

I am new to all this stuff and have just spent 2 days trying to upgrade the software on my recently purchased DSO201. It has been a nightmare, particularly when one attempt just caused the thing to produce a white screen that gave the impression I had messed the whole thing up permanently. However, I have now sorted the problem and have a much easier to use piece of kit. All thanks to rimidalv007 who is, in my humble opinion, a genius. Thank you. I shall keep an eye on this topic to see if there is more wisdom to come. Thanks again.

Great work on the patched firmware!!!

Is there any way though to store files with the BenF firmware on the latest models without SD card?