Basic set up help for Grove - MP3 v2.0

Thank you for this forum. It has been a real help when learning to use my new arduino uno. I have bought a Grove MP3 3.0 card for my Arduino Uno and have now struggled for hours trying to make it work. All the online documentation and wikis are for serial control of the card using a PC. All I want to do is use it to simply play one single track (stored on the SD card) once when prompted by an arduino that is not connected to a PC - it would be battery powered and stand-alone. I have found articles on software serial and have uploaded every example I have found with no results so I do not have any code to show on the forum thread. I am hoping there is someone on the forum who has done this and could copy/paste a chunk of simple code to show me the right direction?

Thank you


Thank you for reaching out. by a quick search, I found a git repo that contains Grove – Serial MP3 Player V2.0 Arduino Library , could you please check out the MP3_Play_Test.ino example and let me know the result?

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