5 inch 720x1280 HDMI IPS LCD Display Dimensions


I’m very interested in the 5 inch 720x1280 HDMI IPS LCD Display (SKU:

104990442) for a project I will be doing. One thing I need to know that I

couldn’t find on the product description is how deep the screen, including

driver the board, is. The datasheet looks like it only specifies the depth

of the screen itself, not including the I/O board with the connectors. I’m

working in a tight space, so I need to know if the screen will fit. I can

see that the product description says it’s 134mm wide x 84mm tall. I just

need to know the depth dimension before I can make a decision.



The Screen is around 9mm and the driver board is 15mm. Total is 24cm. Thanks

Great, thanks! Can I also ask the same question about the 7" version

(SKU: 104990443)? I might be able to squeeze the bigger height and width if

it’s a similar depth.


It is the same height as 5 inch.Thanks