2.8 " TFT Touch Shield with Arduino UNO.

I bought Seeedstudio 2.8" TFT Touch Shield at few days before.
It is connected to Arduino UNO R3 now.
I’ve downloaded ‘TFT & TouchScreen Libraries’ from 2.8" TFT Touch SHield in seeed wiki. Then, I’ve tested some demo programs on UNO. However, These demo programs has been not able to drow graphics in TFT display.
It seem that Back light and Touch sensor are done as normally.

Please tell me solution for this problem…

We have been tested the 2.8" TFT Touch Shield and also can use demo from our WIKI,what demo do you use?
And remind you, do you add the library to Arduino which you can download at seeedstudio.com/wiki/2.8’’_TFT_Touch_Shield after Resources.Because without that may be something happen like what you saw on your screen.

Thank you for reply about my problem.
I’m using TFT library from Tft_touch_libraries_11252011.zip. It was downloaded from seeedstudio.com/wiki/2.8’’_TFT_Touch_Shield .
I have tested drawLines, drawCircles,text from Examples of TFT libraries.
However, These test results are same as this picture…


You mean that you was extract the compressed file Tft_touch_libraries_11252011.zip. and put two folders inside to the Arduino libraries,run our test program is no problem.But after you upload the code to Arduino, it is still nothing show up on the screen.Right?Just like the photo.

Yes It is…