How to use a suli-compatible library?

Suli is the abbreviation for Seeed Unified Library Interface , it is a consistent API that fits all sorts of platforms (like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, mbed and etc)

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How to use a suli-compatible library?

Post by jacob.yan » Mon Oct 20, 2014 5:27 pm

In general ,using a suli-compatible library is more complicated than using a arduino library , because we should unify the interface frist .But beyond this , the left thing is

basically the same ,and allow for its compatibility ,it is acceptable anyway.

Roughly , using a suli-compatible library can be divided by four steps:
step one: Unifying the interface.
step two: Importing the library.
step three: Write the main program .
step four: Connect hareware and run the program.

In this part ,I will show you lots of examples to illustrate how to use a suil-compatible library ,specifically ,how one grove module be applied to two different platforms (like arduino platform and mbed platform ) by using one and the same suli-compatible library. Here we use a Seeeduino board as the arduino platform ,use a Seeeduino Arch board as the mbed platform .

Example one : Grove - LCD RGB Backlight
Example two : to be uploaded....
Example three : to be uploaded....

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