Voice controlling led pixels

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Voice controlling led pixels

Post by dusastre » Thu Jan 17, 2019 12:39 pm

hi there, I have been hired to outfit my friends RV with thousands of leds and lasers, i had been planning on using alexa to voice control between different preprogrammed light patterns, but then i remembered that alexa requires internet and this RV will predominantly be used outside of cell signal.

so i am looking for a simple and effective solution to replace alexa. i need to control a Falcon F16v3 led board
https://www.pixelcontroller.com/store/i ... er=product

i have no previous Pi experience, nor am i an experienced coder.

i started learning about home-assisstant.io, i think this can do what i need it to.

i was starting to lean towards the Snips base kit, do you think this can work? what kind of outputs/cables can it send to the falcon controller?

i like the form factor of the respeaker pro case a LOT more. can i just replace the microphone from the snips base kit with a respeaker mic array v2.0 and put that inside the pro case?
am i better off just using a respeaker core 2.0 inside the pro case? i can run the snips code on that instead? and integrate it with home-assisstant?

i hope im not asking too many dumb questions, im sorry im so new to this, i promise to learn quickly. thank you!

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Re: Voice controlling led pixels

Post by sfcable4seo » Wed Feb 20, 2019 12:04 pm

Will please explain total workflow?

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