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Basic info on firmware: ReSpeaker, XMOS or ODAS

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 2:46 am
by phil.cambridge
Forgive me, but I've been reading all afternoon and can't work out:
If I get a ReSpeaker Mic Array (v2.0) and I want to run Direction and Beamforming,
- Is the DOA and Beamforming firmware written by XMOS or ReSpeaker?
- If I want to use ODAS, is that a replacement firmware, or is it host-based s/w that takes raw audio from the 4 mics on the ReSpeaker board - and if so, what is the XMOS 3000 doing in that case?

I guess I'm also trying to get into my head whether the ReSpeaker Mic Array / the XMOS XCore / others that house XMOS ... are all running the same DSP code and differ in (only) hardware and support tools.