APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN FOR STEAM SCHOOL 2018 (A Global Experiential Learning Program in India)

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APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN FOR STEAM SCHOOL 2018 (A Global Experiential Learning Program in India)

Post by violet » Sun Sep 23, 2018 1:34 pm

Here is the link for the applications for your reference:
Here is the link to our Facvideo: age video : ... 25283135/

Video for STEAM School 2017 : STEAM school

STEAM Fabrikarium (Similar program for differently abled)

World Economic Forum article on STEAM School : ... innovation
Website :

Brief on Maker's Asylum & STEAM School

Maker’s Asylum is a community space focussed on fostering innovation through hands on learning. It also provides access to an ecosystem of stakeholders which includes Governments, Businesses, Incubators/Accelerators, Investors and subject matter experts. The space houses various labs that are co-located in order facilitate prototyping of ideas that are interdisciplinary in nature.

This space started out of a garage in Mumbai 5 years ago, in fact one of the first maker spaces in the country and has now become a popular community space to build prototypes, products etc and also houses the community of artists, designers, engineers who are building indigenous products. Here is a link to the story of the evolution in case you would like to take a look

Maker's Asylum have been running a project based experiential learning program called STEAM school in collaboration with our French partners, the Center of Research & Interdisciplinarity and the French Embassy in India for the last 2 years.

The program is focussed on bringing together various stakeholders which include, entrepreneurs, students, universities and corporate organisations, to work on solving problems that align to the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals. The first and second leg of the program have also focussed on driving Indo-French collaboration but this year we intend bring participants from across the globe who share the same vision as ours.

The STEAM School was also one of the 14 initiatives that was presented to the French President and his wife, Emmanuel & Brigitte Macron, during their recent visit to India in May 2018.

This year we have likes of CRI, IMT, emLYON Business School, NMIMS School of Design and more universities have come on board to send participants and we are looking for more interested participants to come to India.

What the program provides:
  • A 10 days comprehensive global learning experience specially curated for the participants
    An insight into the process of Design –> Jugaad (Frugal Innovation) –> Learn –> Prototype –> Make –> Break –> Create
    Problem solving focused on UN-SDGs for corporate organisations, government agencies, innovation verticals of organisations
    Talent pool scouting for the educational/corporate partners
    Post program incubation of solutions for participants (in case your project gets picked)
    Networking roundtables and white papers
    Impact stories tracking and support
    Demo Day

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Re: APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN FOR STEAM SCHOOL 2018 (A Global Experiential Learning Program in India)

Post by lancemoley » Tue Jan 21, 2020 4:17 pm

Many professional instructors will be involved in negotiations on this steam school. They will discuss technology related innovations, research, policy framework and funding practices from India and abroad in education. Classes will be attended by several ministries of the Government of India and all the prominent people who care about education in India:

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