Air Conditioner IR Controller

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Re: Air Conditioner IR Controller

Post by joshuaguedalia » Tue Jun 14, 2016 2:30 am

Hi guys, so I got my equipment, played with Wio Link (basic stuff) - works nicely.

I attached the Infrared Receiver and Infrared Emitter, using the API was able to read a signal

Code: Select all

{"data": "20df10ef", "len": 4} 
from my TV Remote and then play it back via Emitter. Cool!

BUT ... when I try my AC Remote I get a different looking signal

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{"data": "0000000200000004000000", "len": 11}
, and I get the same signal for different commands, my guess is it's a longer signal (like erdtmann suggested) and I am only seeing the first part.

Can I set a parameter that will tell the Wio Link to read longer signals?

Thanks for your help.

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