Wio Link Update Logs

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Wio Link Update Logs

Post by xuguang.shao » Mon Apr 25, 2016 11:54 am

Updates @2016-4-25
  1. Support domain and port configuration in server configure.

    Sign In page -> Switch Region -> Custom
  2. Support domain and port configuration in exchange server setting.

    If you have deployed a local lean server, modify the data exchange server via operation sequence: left sweep a Wio item in the device list page -> click "Setting" -> Switch on "Use Custom Data Server" (iOS) "Exchange Server" (Android) -> Input server url.
  3. Support sending test request to non-ssl-enabled local exchange server in resources page
  4. New grove driver: Grove - mp3 v2.0, Grove - LCD RGB Backlight

    Note that to use Grove - LCD RGB you should jump VCC of Grove - LCD to 5V.
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