Repost: Fail to connect to server

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Repost: Fail to connect to server

Post by shaopeng.zhang » Tue Apr 12, 2016 11:13 am

Wio Link issue with Joinning Network. It tried to connecting to server (using my SSID password) and gives me this error... Failed FindNodeInServer:setup canceled or time out! ... I checked and the password is correct.

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Re: Repost: Fail to connect to server

Post by yexiaobo » Wed Apr 13, 2016 1:42 pm

Could you post your info about your phone and OS version?

BTW, there are LED indicator onboard, could you check out the status first?

About this:
Failed FindNodeInServer:setup canceled or time out!
Checking the status:
The BLUE led is the network status indicating led. It has the following blink patterns:
  • breathing - Under configuration mode
  • blink twice quickly then off 1s - requesting IP address from router
  • blink once quickly then off 1s - connecting to the server
  • on 1s then off 1s - The node is online
  • on constantly - the node is dead for not getting IP or not connecting to server.
  • blink quickly (on 100ms then off 100ms) - OTA
Note: The BLUE led is attached to GPIO2 which is also the TX pin of UART1. When downloading firmware, the UART1 dumps the data transmitting on UART0 by instinct. So the BLUE led will blink while downloading firmware. After startup the GPIO2 will be configured as a GPIO not TX of UART1.

The RED led is another status led which indicates the power status of Grove modules. All the six Grove interface's VCC converge together and can be controlled with GPIO 15. When the node is in deep sleep mode, all the grove modules lose their power too. The RED led will light on when Grove modules are powered and will go off when Grove modules aren't powered.

Note 2: The description here for status leds are not applicable for the hardware in engineering prototype version. For engineering prototype, BLUE and RED reverse.

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