How to exchange gifts ?

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How to exchange gifts ?

Post by Jacket Chen » Wed Feb 11, 2015 4:12 pm

What is Point Redemption Area

We sincere appreciate that you can come here and show your support to our community for so long. In this area, you can exchange points to the gifts posted in Part list.

And we will add more gifts to the Part list.

Redemption Process

1 Make sure you have got enough points to exchange gifts

2 Apply it (Refer to principle of application). Application will be dealt within 2 days

3 Administrator deduct corresponding points and send gifts out

4 Get a tracking number from administrator in private message box

Principle of application

1 Please put a post under the Point Redemption Area directly!

[Application of Gift]

Number of gifts: [No.x] or [No.x]+[No.x]...
Total points: xx points

2 Send a private message to the moderator: Jacket Chen

Name: xx
Phone: xx
ZIP/postal code: xx
House number and street: xx
City: xx
State: xx
Country: xx
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