Rochester Insider Deals For Fri. 7/22/11 (Tattoos, Pool, Child Care Etc.)!

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Rochester Insider Deals For Fri. 7/22/11 (Tattoos, Pool, Child Care Etc.)!

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[/url]Rochester Insider Deals For Fri. 7/22/11 (Tattoos, Pool, Child Care Etc.)!

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Rochester Perks: Today's deal is $15 gets you $30 at California Rollin'. California Rollin' is located at Port of Rochester, 1000 N. River Road, and also Village Gate,274 North Goodman Block. There is a Limited Quantity Readily. Also continuing is a Movie, Drink & Dessert for only $10 at the Little Theatre ($20 Value), $45a great Hour Long Massage at Head to toe Essentials ($90 Value), the Brow Biz deal, and Xpolse. Choice info "Buy" get hold of the package! Please read "TheFine Print" for specific details, expiration dates etc. For each deal.


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