firmware 2.4

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Re: firmware 2.4

Post by dnordenberg » Thu Aug 19, 2010 6:59 am

Ah, "FIT", someone wrote "FILL" before :D And I also think it would be better as a function then a mode on its own.

And I fully agree with BenF on the single trigger fuction, that is how oscilloscopes should work and mostly does ;)

Very happy to hear that seeedstudio will allocate some more power on this ultra cool product and I hope something good will come out of Slimfish's and shazam's research and ideas. By polishing both hardware and software a little bit more I'm sure it could sell like ice cream in the summer. With a more polished product really big resellers might be interested and that equals to seeedstudio hiring even more people to work on the nano :D

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Re: firmware 2.4

Post by esp » Thu Aug 19, 2010 2:26 pm

BenF wrote: You have to read it in the context of above - this is not about continues triggering (I don't have or see a need for that in SING mode). It is about continues sampling while waiting for a trigger and when in SING/RUN mode. As it is now, you seem to be doing the following:
I got the idea now, thank you so much for the patient explanation. I just found the other topic you posted, We own you a big thank you for all the feedback and professional insights. Freezing has left Seeed Studio and I'm in charge of DSO Nano Project now.

The Panning code for single mode is not right, which should be the same as HOLD in other modes. We will fix it and add resizing.

I will get back to you with other issues you mentioned. Thanks!

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