DS203 quad user interface design

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Re: DS203 quad user interface design

Post by bobtidey » Mon Mar 02, 2015 4:34 pm

That assertion message is being generated during the initial part of the software that tries to load the calibration data from a file called CALIB.DAT

Either the file is corrupt or maybe more likely there is some issue in the file access because of 2/8 MB compatibility after you sys changes.

It might be worth checking the CALIB.DAT (it should start with 4 bytes CAL1) and maybe worth trying deleting it after taking a backup.

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Re: DS203 quad user interface design

Post by ray.edgley » Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:34 am

Hello gabonator1,

I've had you improved software installed on my DSO for some time now, and in the last few day upgraded to the lasest version.

Installation was easy and successful.

I've found your GUI interface to be very intuitive and easy to use.

Reading some of the comments, I can see some good suggestion for improving what is a very good design already.
I had a look at some of your code with the view to adding a feature to the serial monitor of the measurement window, and realized that I'm much better at hardware than software :-)

As a result I thought I might add to the global wish list for if you get some spare time in the next few years......

In the measurement section, one of the setting is baud rate.
This is useful for trying to determine what speed a protocol is running at for the most part.
When it does lock onto the data correctly, it also displays the data captured.

What I have found when trying to debug an RS485 problem running to Modbus protocol, was the scope was miss reading the speed or type of signal and as a result report erronous data. When it does capture the data correctly which is about 25% of the time (I can live with that considering to cost of the software) the packets of data are usually 8 plus bytes long, normally I can see 7 of the 8 bytes with the 8th byte hidden by the side menu.

Based on this one observation I can make the following recommendations for improvement of the software:

* Can the right hand menu be hidden, requiring the pressing of the left button to open it, and the square button to exit out of it? It would also stop the erroneous entry into the right menus cause I hit the wrong selector....

* in the baud rate setting when it displays the RS232 TTL serial data, can it wrap the screen so that all of the captured data is displayed?

* Is it possible to set the target baud rate and or type of serial to reduce the capture errors?

Being such a small low cost device, I don't expect it capable of protocol specific analysis of communications protocols, however, if you do choose to implement protocol specific analysis of serial data, I can test it against know working Modbus_RTU, Profibus_DP and DeviceNet protocols.


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Re: DS203 quad user interface design

Post by gigioz » Fri Sep 04, 2015 4:23 pm

There is some hope to have a working version also HW2.81?

I have checked the GitHup repository but seems that gabonator1 is not more active :(

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