Tutorial: How to flash/debrick/update DFU on DSO203 HW V2.81


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Re: Tutorial: How to flash/debrick/update DFU on DSO203 HW V

Post by borland » Wed Nov 25, 2015 10:44 am

15432 wrote:the tutorial I made several months ago also may be useful...
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KtI ... 5q7Is/edit
Your tutorial was a great help. Thanks!

I re-flashed mine without ever disconnecting the battery from the circuit board. Also used masking tape on the outside of the case to hold the four buttons in place, and also to hold the power switch button; this made reinstalling the circuit board in the case much easier.

I also went from DFU 3.40C to DFU 3.45C. For "Download To Device", I selected radio button "Erase necessary pages" instead of "Global erase". Also, I check marked "Verify after download".

After downloading the DFU 3.45C hex file, I used the flash software's "back" button and immediately downloaded the UNLOCK.hex file. I then re-assembled everything before powering it up and entering the license key.

After the DSO accepts the license key code, it reboots and says to place the unit in DFU mode and reinstall the SYS file. In DFU mode , my Window 10 recognizes the DFU drive, so I copied SYS_B164.hex to it and got the normal "rdy" file name extension.

I thought I was ready to go, but the old factory app came up with a reboot. So, back to DFU mode, and reinstall Wildcat version 4.5.

The 8MB drive is still as before, so none of those file were lost. Glad the DFU mode now works with Windows 10.

Didn't need the LOGO or FPGA adr or bin files. Not sure what those do, but apparently they are not needed.

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