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Bluetooth Shield Seeedstudio

Post by NAME3131 » Wed Mar 13, 2013 5:40 am

I'm having trouble w/this shield. I can get the returned response slave inquiring, but i cannot send commands and get positive results. I can send commands and all i get is garbage text in return. I've tried multiple baud rates, but cannot get text to show. Is there a factory reset method? Is there a way I can send commands directly to the bluetooth shield?

I'm using arduino uno r3 1.0.3. I've used putty and sscom32 to send commands. The code i've been using can be found ... th-shield/

upload sketch to arduino
power down
plug in shield
power up
open sscom32/putty and send commands

Shield will only show green blinking light and doesn't enter red/green pairing mode.

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Re: Bluetooth Shield Seeedstudio

Post by Jacket Chen » Wed Apr 17, 2013 5:27 pm

Hi you can do it as those following:

you need : UartSBee(or others), 4 female jumper wires , Bluetooth shield, USB wire

1) See your bluetooth shield TX/RX module, you need move BT_TX jumper to digital 0 and move BT_RX jumper to digital 1.

2) Connect bluetooth shield to UartSBee via jumper wire:
Bluetooth UartSBee
3.3v VCC(turn power switch to 3.3v)
digital 0 RX
digital 1 TX

3) Open your SSCOM3.2, send your commands:
Attention:when you want to send commands,you need
1) strike out SendNew
2) send a blank command first
3) send BT command then:such as +STWMOD=0
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