reTerminal showing 8 flashing LED pattern, SDRAM failure

I’m posting a message here as a last resort as the person I had been in contact with at Seeed hasn’t responded in several weeks.

We purchased a reTerminal as a development sample for a commercial project and have not been able to get it to work at all since the box was opened.

Upon connecting the official raspberry pi 3 amp power supply, one of the reTerminal LEDs flashes in a pattern, 8 quick flashes, then a pause, then repeats the pattern, over and over.

Raspberry Pi documentation for the CM4 suggests this pattern means SDRAM failure, which means the OS is not the issue here.

Removing the CM4 from the reTerminal and installing it in the official raspberry pi CM4 I/O board displays the same issue, 8 flashes, pause and repeat. So we know the CM4 that came with the reTerminal is not working for some reason.

Another CM4 module we have on hand here for another project DOES work fine in both the I/O board and the reTerminal, however we only have 1GB non-wifi CM4 modules and they’re for another project, so we could only use them briefly for testing to sort out what the problem might be.

Since it’s definitely an issue with the CM4 itself I’m wondering if the additional step Seeed seems to be doing during manufacturing to add epoxy around the chips on the CM4 may have damaged something, but I can’t tell one way or another.

We were hoping to order a bunch of these reTerminals but this is disappointing.

Have you contacted our technical support email address and have they agreed to handle the after-sales for you?