ReSpeaker 4-Mic with Raspberry Pi OS (previously called Raspbian) does not Work

I followed the instruction at to install the driver
but it does not work ,the ReSpeaker 4-Mic is not detected
-Raspberry Pi OS 2020-08-20
-raspberry 3b
-ReSpeaker 4-Mic

please don’t give me a solution where i need to downgrade the kernel ,my setup depends on newer kernel
it is unfortunate that Seeed team does not provide good support for such basic thing ,when you buy such a product you expect at least to be recognize by the system.
please Seeed team do something

Yes, it is unacceptable.

Use this community fork for now, it works on RPi OS Kernel 5.4:

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I followed a set of instructions that said to install the respeaker github stuff, then update the operating system. This seemed to work with the respeaker appearing under the audio icon’s output menu. I could then create hello.wav with the command:

arecord -Dac108 -f S32_LE -r 16000 -c 4 hello.wav

(Ctl-c to stop recording)

Then aplay would not work. That is what happens with magic install programs like this.
It turns out one has to use the AV jack to listen - not HDMI or anything else. But after setting output to AV jack, the following would play the file:

aplay hello.wav

Dear respeaker people. Fix your software so it works, and until then, offer good support. I was about to send it back. Was thinking of getting the respeaker 6, but will wait now to see what the reviews look like.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you and many more thank you(s) as well!
I see nothing has really changed since I began my career in computing in 1968.

It’s too bad there are so many well-meaning people willing to share so much of what they don’t know about electronics and computing.

I read an article in HackSpace magazine about “How to talk to your Raspberry Pi” using the Seeed ReSpeaker 4-mic array hat and I began the journey to make the project.

After reading this post, I believe I’ll abandon it for more promising endeavors like those suggested by Adafruit in New York City.

Adafruit has really good support and I can always understand their writing.