need information about solar charger shield V2.2


Few weeks ago I purchased a Solar Charger Shield V2.2. Could you give

the exacte name of the type of connector used to connect solar pannel

and battery ?

Thank you very much.

Hi there,

here is the cable.


best rgds


Thanks for the info, I have seen this answer and I will buy the cables, but I also need the connector. I have seen both 2.00mm and 2.54mm. I have bought solar charger v2.2 11/19/2014, which one is valid for me? From the wikipedia we can see the type of connector, which one do I choose?

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I have seen three different connectors but I can´t decide which one is the proper one:

JST PH 2 pin

JST XH 2 pin


Which should I choose? This is info that should come with the solar charger v2.2 shield.

Thanks for the help!


Hi There

this is detail<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 0050P1.pdf”></LINK_TEXT> :smiley: