LoRa-E5 Mini not communicating after uploading new Firmware


I’m testing with LoRa-E5 mini with OTAA connection, for the gateway I’m using UG63 gateway.

I tested it first with the Stock/Factory Firmware with The Things Network it works properly via OTAA, then I followed the guide here https://wiki.seeedstudio.com/LoRa_E5_mini/, and able to successfully upload the 3 samples firmware, the 3 tested firmware are LoRaWAN_END_NODE, FreeRTOS_LoRaWAN, and FreeRTOS_LoRaWAN_AT. The compilation and uploading of firmware tools used are STM32Cube and STM32Programmer.

The issue is with those firmwares I couldn’t communicate with LoRa via OTAA anymore it keeps stuck on JOIN Failed as you can see below:

LoRa-E5 Mini Log Join Failed issue with OTAA (Tested with FreeRTOS_LoRaWAN_AT):

So I thought it is on the configuration on The Things Network but tested all configurations, especially on LoRaWAN and Regional Parameters version, and still couldn’t join.

So I tried to check the logs on the UG63 gateway and couldn’t see the LoRa-E5 mini communicating to the gateway.

Would like assistance regarding this situation, thanks in advance.