Greetings from Skyhub

My name is David Doran, and I am a volunteer developer for Skyhub.

Skyhub is a world-wide, public search for UAPs using a global network of machine-learning, smart cameras and sensor-arrays built by users with our opensource software. Skyhub is considering adding acoustic detection capabilities to the next generation of our data collection stations.
As our Skyhub tech is built around the Jetson Nano platform, Seeed microphone array products seem like a good fit. I am wondering if there is some way to adapt these amazingly powerful, cheap and compact acoustic sensors to our needs. We are still trying to figure out exactly what those needs are, but we are particularly interested in being able to discern audio events from as high as 10,000ft altitude from ambient background noise. If the FAA can do it for aircraft noise mitigation, Skyhub can do it for unknown aerial phenomena!

We have many such requirements. But before I go into details, is this something your company or community would be interested in? I appreciate your attention.