Display a '0' (zero) on Grove - 4-Digit Display

Hi all,

I recently bought 2 of these 7 digit display pieces they are called “Grove - 4-Digit Display” (If you search it in the Seeed shop you’ll find it)

And I’m really curious about how to get a zero to display on them. I have 10 buttons and one of the buttons need to make it so that a zero will be displayed on the display. All numbers are working except the zero because zero obviously means something similar to ‘off’.

This is code I currently use:

</s> if (buttonState3 == HIGH) { Serial.println("I am pressed 3"); tm1637.displayNum(3); }<e>

I I change </s>tm1637.displayNum(3);<e> to </s>tm1637.displayNum(0);<e> the display shows nothing.

Any help is welcome!


Hi there,

We talked to software team and they will modify the library to display number 0. We will update the result when it is done. thanks.

Hi there~

The library is updated. you can use tm1637.displayNum(0) to display 0 now. thanks.

When input 0, it was off. Now it shows 0.Thank you for your advice! :smiley: