Connection confusion

What m I missing? Each port on the base shield uses 4 pins. I get that there’s gND + VCC + a pin, but why the 2nd pin? How are you supposed to use, for example pins 2 and 3 with a button attached to each? If I plug in a button to the board, will it trigger both pins?



Different interfaces on Base Shield use the other 2 pins for different purpose. For example, 4 pins of UART are GND, VCC, TX, RX, while TX and RX are used for data transmitting and receiving. By modifying pins configuration in the source code you can determine what pin you want to use. BTW, do you mean that you want to use them separately?

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I’d like to use, for example, pins 2 an 3 for limit switches.One pin for each.