Beagle Bone Green Wireless Design files syncing problem

I used this files … g/

Does anyone have problems syncing with these files in Orcad/Allegro 17.4 Trial version. When I try to [Launch Desing Sync] it jams and doesn’t work. I succeeded with the BBG files, but not the BBGW and yet I do the same procedure. First I open the .DSN then I generate the netslist with the setting by default. After I execute the [Launch Desing Sync], I enter the file .BRD in and after pressing everything jam.

Im new with Orcad/Allegro. I try to find information a lot of tutorial are available. But I didn’t find answer to my question. Also I tried with version 17.2 and It work for BBGW files mentioned before.

Thank you


Did you tried these files : <LINK_TEXT text=“ … n_Wireless”></LINK_TEXT>

Thank you for answering me salmanfarisvp. Yes, I have already tried these files. We can find 3 DSN and 2 BRD but most of them are similar. a DSN in the resource directory and DSN and BRD peers in 2 different subdirectories. But why 5 files, not just 2? What are use for?

I think I am doing something wrong. I think I have to sync the schematic and the layout but I’m not sure, and I’m not sure what else I should do. If you have documentation on 17.4 how to open already existing files and setup it, this will be useful. Most of the documentation is for an older version, they were useful for me but I remain without answer on that point(how to open already existing files and setup it for 17.4).

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The design files are the same, but they are packaged according to different categories for easy distribution. :smiley: