4 Mic HAT not detected in Audacity

I’ve followed the Wiki, I’ve installed the Seeed voice card source code and when I run arecord -L I get:

If I go to Audio Device Settings the HAT appears as seeed-4mic-voicecard (Alsa Mixer)

However if I launch Audacity the HAT is not detected. The host is set to ALSA but no device is listed. If I go to Preferences>Devices it says no devices found under recording.

If I try to record from Terminal with arecord -Dac108 -f S32_LE -r 16000 -c 4 hello.wav I get this error:

arecord: main:828: audio open error: Device or resource busy

Any ideas?

As an update on this. I just flashed a new SD card with Raspian and put that in the Pi4, so a completely fresh installation. Ran:

But now when I run arecord -L all I get is:

HAT is mounted directly on the Pi4 and Pi powered by official PSU.

And another update. Well I got it working in that the card is now detected and Audacity will record but the only way I could do this was by installing an OLDER version of Raspian Buster. I had to install Raspian 2019-07-12, anything later than that and I found it produced Kernal errors when installing the driver. It’s also not possible to update Raspian once installed as then the card stops working again.

From what I can work out, and as a newbie, your driver does not support kernals 4.19.75 and higher.

Will there be a new driver any time soon so that we can use the latest versions of Raspian Buster?

I have exactly the same problem. Thank you for posting your solution! I’ll try to install an older raspbian buster tomorrow.