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by jeremy.xiao725
Sat Nov 03, 2012 12:09 am
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Topic: Approving DRC errors okay?
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Approving DRC errors okay?

In Eagle I have traces from two different net classes that I want to connect. I've tried simply connecting the traces, and I've tried using a solder jumper part. In both cases, the project fails the DRC check because the components are too close to one another. Of course, this is okay with me. They'...
by jeremy.xiao725
Wed Aug 08, 2012 8:35 am
Forum: Fusion PCB/ PCBA Services
Topic: Custom stripped/soldered wire + LED
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Custom stripped/soldered wire + LED

I need about 3200 of these:

4-conductor RJ11 (phone) cable cut & stripped, with two 5mm (non-smd) LEDs soldered to the inner 28awg wires.

I can provide all materials. I'm just starting the search for a manufacturing partner so any input or leads is greatly appreciated.