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by m207365
Thu Nov 29, 2018 6:00 am
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Topic: CAN Bus Shield V2.0
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Re: CAN Bus Shield V2.0

I haven't tried it, but I don't think you would have a problem using those pins on a Mega 2560. From the schematic, only d2, d4, and d9 are being used, since the Mega uses the ICPS pins for SPI. d3 would be free, as long as you haven't changed the INT jumper from d2 to d3. I'm using a Mega 2560 with...
by m207365
Sat Nov 24, 2018 11:33 pm
Forum: Shields
Topic: CAN BUS Shield INT and CS-TF pins
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CAN BUS Shield INT and CS-TF pins

I'm trying to find where the INT (D2 by default) and CS-TF (D4 by default) pins are assigned in your CAN BUS library. D2 and D4 conflict with a LCD shield I'm trying to use. CS-CAN (D9 by default) also conflicts, but I can change it in my sketch. I want to use a Mega board and reroute INT, CS-TF, an...