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by mgasull07
Mon Jan 15, 2018 1:11 am
Forum: RePhone
Topic: What, the FourG?!
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Re: What, the FourG?!

Any news about FourG?
by mgasull07
Fri Apr 08, 2016 6:59 pm
Forum: RePhone
Topic: change APN for spain
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Re: change APN for spain

Hi, Are you working Arduino or Eclipse IDE? I'm using Eclipse and I've verified configure my APN sucessfully. In case: #define USING_PROXY VM_FALSE /* Whether your SIM uses proxy */ #define PROXY_ADDRESS "" /* The proxy address */ #define PROXY_PORT /* The proxy port */ void set_custom_apn(void) { v...
by mgasull07
Mon Apr 04, 2016 7:30 pm
Forum: RePhone
Topic: Using USB connection for serial port communication
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Using USB connection for serial port communication


I would use the RePhone USB connection to read/write data in a serial communication. In the examples provided in the LINKIT_ASSIST_SDK there is an example which use the pins D8/D9 but no one that use the USB connection.

Does any one can help me?